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Nov 1, 2023

Do you find yourself starting the day with positive intentions, then leaving your manufacturing plant at the end of the day feeling like you didn’t actually accomplish any of your intentions? You might be struggling with “intention deficit disorder!” This is definitely something I’ve struggled with, but I felt much better after reading With Intention by speaker, tech executive, and USA Today bestselling author Jon Giganti. Jon is also a friend and professional speaking colleague, and after reading his fantastic book, I wanted to hear more of his thoughts on how we can all bring more intentionality to our leadership and organizations.

That’s why I’m excited to have him as my guest for this special two-part episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing! In part one of my podcast with Jon, he shares some stories that lead to the lessons on intentionality he writes about in With Intention, and discusses why self-awareness, agency, and connections play a key role in practicing intentionality and improving results.

6:33 – To accomplish something, you need to show up, serve, and add value

7:08 – Intention is finding out what your priorities are, then living into it as much as possible

7:58 – Every day is a new day with opportunities to be intentional and make an impact

9:28 – In order to serve others, you have to serve yourself first by establishing a routine and setting yourself up for success

10:48 – To find sustainable results, you need to have self-awareness and self-intention

13:13 – You need to put yourself in the right position for success

14:08 – Your energy levels are not the same throughout the day, so being intentional about your time is important

15:44 – Journaling or writing down affirmations is one way to practice intentionality

16:34 – You should also set a core foundation yourself by working on your own standards and beliefs

18:30 – To accomplish what you want to accomplish, show up, and form habits

21:07 – If you want to be more intentional about how you lead or connect with others, start with curiosity, connection, and bridging disconnects

23:29 – To serve others on your team, act as a safe place to connect

24:00 – To get stronger results or find out what is driving a performance issue, stay curious and find ways to connect with your teams

24:39 – Trust also plays a large role in building connections and finding results

25:23 – Along with self-awareness, you also need agency and the ability to take ownership of your past, present, and future

Tune in next episode to learn more about intentionality with Jon Giganti!

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