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Nov 15, 2023

If you missed part one with guest Jon Giganti, be sure to listen to Episode 103 here.

Jon Giganti is speaker, tech executive, and USA Today bestselling author. He is the author of With Intention, where he delves into how leaderships can use skills like agency, awareness, and ambition to find new success, take ownership of their past, and bring impactful change to their organizations. In this episode, Jon shares more lessons and insights about how leaders can use intentionality to form strong connections, find productive results, and serve their team in the authentic, impactful ways.

1:29 – Schedule white space or margins into your day to avoid overbooking yourself

3:29 – Quiet moments in your schedule give you a chance to rest your brain, body, and soul

8:06 – Setting aside time in your schedule is a way to invest in yourself and your future\

10:00 – Scheduling margins also gives you time to form more productive connections within your organization

13:27 – When you have a lack of connection, you have a lack of engagement

13:40 – Let others see your authenticity

14:22 – By building trust and serving as your authentic self, you can work toward stronger results with your team

15:57 – You need self-awareness to find the best ways to improve and serve

17:27 – Get below the surface to know yourself, including your identities, beliefs, and values

20:20 – If you don’t deal with what’s in your head, it will impact your heart

22:26 – By building relationships, you can impact others and drive change

25:45 – Vulnerability is a superpower

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