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Nov 29, 2023

Just think positive! We’re all heard this phrase before, but thinking positively can be easier said than done, especially if you’re dealing with a painful situation or difficult challenge. In this episode, guest Dr. Paul Jenkins is here to help you find a new approach for positive thinking. Dr. Paul is a professional psychologist who specializes in science and practice of positivity. He is also a coach, author, speaker, and “black belt in positivity” who creates models to help others find empowering new ways to view positivity.

2:39 – Positive thinking is more than a trite motivational phase

4:35 – The equipment of your mind is amazing at what it’s intended to do

5:55 – Your brain’s job is to keep things really efficient

6:44 – Metacognition is thinking on a higher level, or thinking about thinking

7:06 – Metacognition creates a space where choice exists

9:19 – You are constantly judging and evaluating, so you brain can work to keep you safe and to prove you right

13:59 – You can’t always get rid of a negative situation, but you can find a sense of relief and gratitude by comparing it to something worse

17:59 – If you assume something is bad or has no upsides, your brain will work to prove you right

18:40 – You can’t tell others to just be more positive, and others can’t do the same for you

20:03 – Toxic positivity is when you ignore the difficulty and act like everything is okay

22:37 – Creation mode is all about what is to be and what doesn’t exist yet

23:34 – When you imagine that worse things are coming, it leads to anxiety

25:15 – What we imagine is our brain’s blueprint for moving forward, even if what actually happens doesn’t perfectly match what you envisioned

27:25 – The two stages of thinking are evaluation and creation

28:48 – As a leader, you can help others create their own positive visions

30:01 – Come to peace with how things are, then work to upgrade your situation

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