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Dec 13, 2023

Is humor the secret weapon for bridging the connection gap in your organization? Find out more in this episode featuring Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE. Tim is a Hall of Fame speaker and business coach who uses his own humor-infused presentations to help others use humor to improve productivity, create stronger connections, and bring more resilience and resourcefulness to their organizations. In this episode, Tim shares why humor can be a powerful tool for combating disconnect and communicating with your team, all while sharing some humorous stories of his own!

2:49 – When humor comes at the expense of others, it fuels disconnect

4:14 – Self-effacing humor is a strong skill in the workplace, but can be difficult to master

4:49 – There is a difference between understanding humor and being humorous yourself

5:35 – If you can find humor in a stressful situation, it can lead to moments of connection for you and your team

7:04 – By figuring out what is humorous to your team members, you can find ways to bridge the disconnection gap with humor

10:25 – When you can work hard and laugh hard with you team, you can find results

10:58 – If you’re not connecting with someone, you have to adapt to their communication style and figure out what’s important to them

12:01 – You also need to be aware of your behavior and how others might interpret it or react to it

12:47 – If you don’t connect with someone at first, don’t abandon the process

15:32 – By having your own good mood and positive mindset, you can convey that to your team

17:34 – Humor can also be used to convey safety messages in your organization

20:07 – By using humor, you can draw others to you and your team and can get better results

22:35 – Harnessing your own positive thoughts and feelings is a powerful tool for connection

25:08 – We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we perceive and react

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