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Dec 27, 2023

In the busy and high-stress world of manufacturing, it can be hard to find your focus! What can you do to reset your focus and prioritize what matters most? Find out in this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing with “Focusologist” Penny Zenker.

Penny is as an international speaker, business strategy coach, and bestselling author who has been featured on NBC, Forbes, and more. She is also a leader expert in the psychology of productivity, and works with organizations to maximize results by eliminating perfectionism, distractions, and self-sabotage. In this episode, she shares her three-step process for building a reset mindset aligning yourself with what matters most to you, your team, and the productivity and culture of your organization.

3:46 – Focus always coming back to setting objectives and aligning your actions with those objectives

4:47 – To find your focus, you need to step back, get out of your daily cycle, and reset

5:29 – To engage in reset practice, you have to recognize the trigger for the reset moment and then take a step back to get perspective and realign

7:03 – The more you practice, the easier it is to build a reset mindset

7:53 – If you don’t give yourself permission to step back and reset, you increase the risk of errors that can hinder productivity and cause mistakes

8:53 – Taking small break is a way to relearn how to focus

9:30 – Another part of practicing a reset mindset is learning to recognize when something isn’t working, like getting rid of an unproductive meeting

11:39 – Stepping back can mean giving up control in some areas

12:14 – Being able to step back creates a culture with less bureaucracy and more trust and autonomy

13:59 – Sometimes we focus on the wrong areas, like focusing on micromanagement when it would be more productive to focus on fostering autonomy

16:30 – A reset mindset starts with creating reset moments for yourself

17:44 – Constantly look for ways to bring out the best in yourself and in others

18:22 – A reset mindset also requires curiosity and a willingness to adapt

21:24 – If one person in an organization can demonstrate a reset mindset, others will learn to do the same

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