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Jan 10, 2024

From convincing a valued team member to stay with your organization to motivating an employee to level up their performance, you use influence everyday on the manufacturing floor. But what exactly is influence, and how can you more productive ways to influence others in your organization?

Alyson Van Hooser has the answers! Alyson is a keynote speaker, leadership expert, and the author of Infinite Influence, which offers the keys to unlocking more productive relationships and outcomes. In this episode, Alyson uses personal stories and memorable anecdotes to show the importance of influence within teams and organizations, plus discusses how curiosity and intentionality can make a big difference in how you influence and communicate with others.

2:57 – There are many ways to influence people, from convincing them to stay on your team to influencing someone to level up their performance at work

3:19 – Change the way you think about everyone you know and recognize your ability to influence anyone, anywhere, at any time

4:27 – Influence is very different from manipulation

5:21 – You can’t motivate someone to do something they don’t want to do

14:52 – Instead of making assumptions, stay curious and think about what others need

17:25 – By making assumptions, you might not be meeting your team’s needs, if you are going in with good intentions

18:51 – You need a combination of good intentions and intentional actions

22:48 – Leading with biases and assumptions instead of curiosity and intentionality can lead to further disconnect in your organization

23:46 – You don’t need radical shifts to change your leadership. Instead, you can focus on small moments of building curiosity and intention

26:03 – To find the best way to communicate with someone, you need build a relationship and get to know their story

28:33 – Successful organizations are built through the support and investment of others

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