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Jan 24, 2024

What does manufacturing leadership have in common with running marathons or climbing mountains? Learn the answer in this episode with guest Steven Pivnik!

Steven is an entrepreneur, author, and international speaker, who took his company Binary Tree to great success during his time as CEO. He is also an endurance athlete who has reached the summit of mountains like Kilimanjaro and competed in the grueling Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

In his soon-to-be-released book Built to Finish: How to Go the Distance in Business and Life, Steven shares his stories about finding success in both entrepreneurship and endurance sports. In this episode, he delves into a few insights from his book, plus shares lessons on endurance, shortcuts, and connections that you can use to find more successful outcomes, whether you’re on the manufacturing floor or getting ready for your next athletic adventure!

2:19 - There are actually many tie-ins between endurance sports and entrepreneurship

6:11 – Avoid taking shortcuts, especially when it comes to tasks like hiring

6:55 – Shortcuts may feel good and lead to easy solutions, but they don’t always lead to long-term, sustainable outcomes

8:20 – Many people have the false notion that there is always time to do sometime twice, but there’s rarely time to do it right the first time

10:57 - If you rely on shortcuts, it can hurt you in the long-run

12:22 – Often, going slowly instead of rushing or using a shortcut leads to more positive outcomes and a greater chance of success

14:23 – When it comes to forming connections and having deeper conversations, it’s especially important to slow down and be intentional about your behavior and mindset

14:50 – In relationships, quantity supersedes quality

16:50 – Stronger connections come from building true relationships through work

18:43 – When people have strong personal connections at work, they are more likely to show up and productively engage with their organization

21:20 – Forming stronger relationships takes work and patient, but the benefits can be very rewarding

22:43 – Everyone has stories and greatness, and you can discover opportunities for new connections by being open and willing to learn

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