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Apr 17, 2024

In many manufacturing organizations, company values can be seen in plaques on the walls, but don’t show up in the behavior and language used on the shop floor. How can we get core values off the walls and into action? Find out in this episode with guest Adam Hill!

Adam is the nine-figure CEO of a 4th generation family business, as well as a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and host of the top-rated podcast Flow Over Fear. Throughout his work, he helps leaders and other high achievers rise above fear and realize their ultimate potential in leadership and life. In this episode, Adam shares why core values are so important to organizations—and why holding tight to outdated ideals can cause restriction instead of growth, plus offers insights and lessons leaders can use to make sure their core values are showing up in their culture and behavior.

4:13 – Core values should serve as a driving force, but can sometimes become restrictive

6:26 – In some cases, holding onto an old or legacy core value can actually hold back your organization

8:15 – If your organization is struggling or plateaued, look toward your core values and address what ideals need to stay and which ones can be changed or removed

9:24 – Culture and strategy are very similar, but can’t be treated as the same

10:51 – As culture shifts, you might have to shift your behavior while still staying true to your core values

13:06 – If you want change, you need to create a culture where people feel empowered to speak up

14:19 – If people in your organization don’t feel comfortable speaking up, it can lead to unsafe environments

16:29 – Healthy conflict is often necessary when discussing which core values to keep or get rid of, especially in family or legacy companies

21:50 – The strongest core values are the ones that can grow and evolve with your organization

24:00 – Great results can arise from challenging conversations

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