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May 29, 2024

The manufacturing industry just keeps getting greater—and it’s all thanks to passionate, mindful leaders who show up every day ready to engage their teams, improve their mindset, and create an environment where people love to work. One of these leaders is Karen J. Lund, a bestselling author and keynote speaker with a long career in the steel industry. Drawing on her experience in the steel industry, Karin now leads the team at G-Power Global, an organization she founded to inspires corporate and organizational entities to lead with compassion while continuing to focus on productivity, service, and profits.

In this episode, Karin talks more about transformations facing the steel industry and manufacturing as a whole, and shares why compassion, connection, and conversations are the key to unlocking creative solutions, overcoming challenges, and bringing new energy to the manufacturing floor.

3:03 – In manufacturing, you can’t do everything by yourself, which makes it very important to seek out and build strong connections

5:33 – It can be a challenge to form relationship on the floor, especially for younger professionals

6:48 – When people have connections on the floor, it makes it easier to voice feedback and navigate challenges

9:01 – By creating a culture that fosters connections and conversation, you’ll find more productivity and more creative solutions  

11:37 – Compassion is the competitive edge

15:55 – There is a difference between training and learning

16:39 – Employee resource groups are a strong tool for building connections and community in the workplace

19:20 – If you want to redefine your industry and image, start by having conversations about your values and how you present to the media and others

22:25 – In manufacturing, it’s important to have conversations about how your role impacts the work of others, and vice versa

23:29 – Everyone learns in different ways and some people may need different accommodations

25:02 – When someone makes a commitment to their industry, it can have a positive impact for entire teams and organizations

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