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Jun 12, 2024

Trust is the antidote to so many common issues that can occur on the manufacturing floor. But how can you build trust—both in yourself and with your team? Find out in this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing with guest Justin Patton! Justin is a certified speaker professional and leadership presence expert, who challenges leaders to reimagine how they lead, love, and communicate. He’s also the author of Your Road to Yes: How to Build Trust in Yourself and With Others and the recently-released The High-Impact Manager: Your Blueprint for Bringing Out the Best in Your Team.

In this episode, Justin talks about the vital role trust plays in improving your leadership, empowering your team, and showing up as your best self, and shares why transparency, tact, and togetherness are the three key foundations you need to improve how you show up and built trust in your relationships.

3:10 – Trust requires transparency, tact, and togetherness

4:03 – Trust is your biggest competitive advantage

4:41 – When people don’t have all the information, they fill it in with fear or make up stories

5:59 – As a leader, you can create a culture of trust by having the courage to be transparent and vulnerable

8:39 – You have to speak your truth, but also take accountability for how you deliver it

10:41 – When an organization values results over everything else, it leads to issues like a lack of trust, increased disconnect, and poor leadership

12:22 – Think about who you are at your best, then work to show up for others as that best version of yourself

14:37 – To grow as a leader, you don’t have to fundamentally change who you are, but can learn how to lean into your best qualities and align your actions and behavior with who you are at your best

16:21 – Trust is built in small moments

17:46 – Find the balance between oversharing and transparency

20:51 – Trust does not leave people second guessing

21:20 – Choose discomfort over resentment

22:53 – There are also situations where building trust can require staying silent

25:43 – Every choice you make either gets you closer to trust or drives you away from it

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