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Jul 10, 2024

Stories resonate with people, which makes them a valuable tool for sharing information, seeking new outcomes and connecting with your team. So let’s bring more storytelling to the manufacturing floor!

In this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing, meet guest Trevor Perry. Trevor is an award-winning speaker, author, and perspective-changer, who uses his unique perspectives and love of storytelling to help others find their own light and improve their influence in the world. In this episode, Trevor shares his journey of finding his storytelling passion, and discusses why leaders should learn and practice storytelling skills.

4:04 – When someone owns, lives, and feels a story, that makes for powerful storytelling

5:31 – Some people might be bad storytellers with great stories to tell, or great storytellers with bad stories

6:24 – Storytelling is a way to connect and help others relate to what you’re trying to share

7:12 – Good storytelling is transparent and draws on your own experiences

8:42 – If you’re telling someone else’s story, you still need to find a way to personally connect and own the story you’re telling

11:18 – Storytelling is an inherent part of human nature, which is why stories resonate so well

12:47 – Every story needs a purpose, especially if you’re in a leader or mentor role

15:15 – If you’re trying to adopt someone else’s story as your own, it won’t feel authentic

16:19 – A culture of storytelling can bring more connection to your organization

17:44 – How you tell a story is always going to be different depending on your audience or situation

20:28 – Practicing improv is a unique way to hone your storytelling skills 

20:30 - Learn more about improv and storytelling in Episode 97

22:55 – You can also learn about storytelling about listening to others

23:57 – As a human, you are a storyteller

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