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Nov 4, 2020

Talk is cheap and to lead a team, you need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work!  Mark Whitten joins us on this episode to share his experiences and what it takes.  

0:35 – Feedback from listener Danny; “I appreciate these truths from experience”


1:16 – Mark Whitten introduction


2:21 – Your actions and how you show up. It is about leading by example


3:04 – Early influence on what leadership looks like & the burden of leadership


3:28 – Talk is cheap


4:55 – Retaining credibility and trust


6:32 – Getting people onboard to make changes


10:08 – The balance in leadership


12:14 – Value and impact of ‘1:1 meetings’ and setting expectations


15:26 – The simplicity of effective leadership


17:38 – Executing the ‘1:1 meetings’


20:30 – Delaying tough decisions and the impact on your credibility


26:08 – Why many leaders fail to recognize the value in leading by example


27:31 – Exercising your leadership potential


29:45 – If you choose leadership…


31:12 – Summary & Canadian trivia