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Dec 2, 2020

How does mindfulness and manufacturing intersect with Dentistry?  Find out here as Dr. Patrick Carter opens up on connecting with people and how it all starts when patients walk through the door.  


00:47 - A great experience at the dentist? Yes


01:29 - Dr. Patrick Carter - Introduction


02:46 - The connection to Mindfulness Manufacturing and a Dentist


05:33 - What's different? Meeting people where they are and knowing that you care


08:29 - We've seen it before, but for others it's all new - it's all about Patience


10:18 - Leading the staff while wearing multiple 'hats'


11:29 - Setting the stage and expectations. It all begins when you walk through the door. Your team

makes all the difference and it begins with hiring the right people


12:45 - Making the human connection


14:45 - Open conversations to become more aware


15:51 - Creating a culture to evaluate times when things do not go well


17:28 - Taking the time to get buy in and execute


18:51 - Stress on all sides and leveling it out


21:25 - The conscious effort and putting it all in context


24:20 - The value of experience and learning throughout your career


25:20 - Rewarding experience: having a profound effect on how others think about themselves


27:33 - Building resilience and taking the time to recharge


29:30 - A morning formula to stay grounded