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Dec 16, 2020

What does it mean to leave a legacy of love?  Jason Zenger opens up about his leadership style, and how he commits to it and stays grounded.  

00:40 – 1 year of Mindfulness Manufacturing


01:54 – Jason Zenger; President of Zenger’s and ‘Making Chips’ podcast host


03:00 – A transparent business model based on relationships


03:53 – Every great story comes from a history of struggles


04:23 – A Legacy: I want my team to know that I lead them like I loved them


05:40 – How am I going to show up for work today


06:14 – Where’s the risk? What’s the cost?


09:27 – Responsiveness and lack thereof


10:30 – Displayed by the best of the best on our team: DO-BE-GO-LIFE


12:38 – Accountability to making the tough calls


14:26 – Groom it or Hire it?


16:46 – Your actions and behaviors supersede your words when it comes to loving others


19:17 – A commitment to establishing your mindset and staying grounded


22:27 – Rebounding from setback


25:40 – What it takes to swallow that humble pill


30:00 – Learning through uncomfortable times


32:21 – Closure


Contact information for Jason Zenger:  (Company Website)  (Blog)