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Feb 10, 2021

00:30 - Well, Dave and I have been talking a lot about getting stuff done. And in manufacturing, every hour is about getting something done, whether it's just getting that order out, getting that task completed, getting that inspection done.

01:45 - Just this week I’ve heard three different people say, ‘I gave this idea, but they turned it down.’ ‘They didn't listen to me.’ ‘Yeah, we've tried that.’

03:14 - Running through the glass door to get it done.

03:39 - But how do we stop Dave, and just be present so you can see more? Because when we're running to that task, or if we've laid down because we're just frustrated because we're not going get it done? What do you do?

04:00 - Which side of the fence am I on?

05:27 - What do they have going on? Is this the right time for me to be bringing something up, for me to be making a suggestion?

06:18 - We used to call it barfing on the table. Don't make your problem, my problem.

07:19 - Their job is to throw it over the fence and let somebody else worry about implementing it.

08:41 - What do I own in that?

09:14 – For the folks on the front line, there are some things that are obvious of needed changes.

10:35 - Don't say they didn't listen, there has to be a reason why they didn't listen.

10:52 - 20 ideas for others to do.

12:15 - Relationships are the foundation of dialogue.

13:14 - Paying attention to your own emotions first.

13:57 - Difficult conversations.

18:13 – What’s on the other person's agenda? Where are they at? Where am I at? And how can this be presented?

20:43 – Two different approaches with Charlie.

22:37 - So why do we need to talk about this?

24:22 – Takeaways.

25:39 – Share your feedback with us on different approaches. Reach out to us if you’ve got any thoughts on different topics and what's helpful and what's not.

25:52 - Closing