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Jun 2, 2021

Intro 00:06 - Are you giving more than you’re receiving?

01:23 – Adding value; a real-life story – Michelle with Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures

03:50 – Welcome Bob Burg – finding ways to add value and create change

05:00 – A story of Go-Giving: excellence, knowledge-base, needs, do you care, consistency, consider others as a human being, empathetic, conscience of fears, gratitude,

07:35 – The Go-Getter vs. Go-Giver vs. ‘a Go-Taker’

11:39 – When they call, you know instantly whether they are a Giver or Taker

12:32 – Human nature, we deal in truths and work successfully within those truths

13:04 – Getting stuck in our own silos and where leadership comes into play

15:35 – How would a leader know they are effectively self-aware. Being Aware of not being self-aware.

16:31 – Our ability to receive and the Law of Receptivity

18:00 – An Unconscious Operating System and the messages we receive

18:50 – Our relationship with money and prosperity

20:00 – Most wealthy people have achieved it by providing a product or service that others have willingly bought and is not inherently bad despite a tendency to think otherwise. Why?

23:08 – Giving: providing value and living within one’s values

25:19 – If you want to thrive, you have to help a lot of people

28:38 – The Go-Giver Success Alliance Community; taking it to the next level