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Jun 30, 2021

  • Hey, I have something to tell you, but don’t tell anyone!
  • That makes me question whether I can trust you moving forward.
  • Joe Johnson introduction
  • Being Mindful of your Actions in what you Say and Do.
  • Letting someone know of what’s to come.
  • Why share it?
  • Why now? What will be gained?
  • What are the risks and burdens you put on others by sharing what you know?
  • Transparency and truthfulness vs. letting the cat out of the bag.
  • Who is it about? You OR them?
  • Keeping those lips sealed
  • When do you have the license to share information?
  • That’s for those that need to know – and you’re not one of them. Kind? Perhaps more than you know.
  • We lean in and want to be friends, but now it’s a burden to contain it within
  • Respect for each other in honoring known information.
  • Confiding in others can result in feeding the rumor mill.
  • A serious risk in eroding trust
  • Hey! Why don’t you tell me? Here’s why… and thanks for sparing me the angst.
  • When we’re in the know, sometimes our Pride wants others to know we’re in the know.
  • When you forget you’re operating with ‘confidential’ information you are compromising everything
  • Leaders take the burden!
  • What are the motivations for sharing?
  • Mindfulness advice on when/what to share.
    • What’s to be Gained vs. what’s the Risk.
    • Considering the impact on trust
    • Is there a back door to ‘your safe’?
    • Check your Pride.
  • Keeping front of mind and what’s important.
  • Self-awareness: being empathetic, authentic, and just smile
  • It’s a battle of the mind – is it really about “the people”?
  • Mastered it or learned from it. A dose of humility.
  • How do you build trust if you can’t share the message?