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Aug 25, 2021

If you have not checked out episode 44, head back there when we first had Nikki Langman on as a guest. Grateful to have her back as we look at the stress in the manufacturing industry and how leaning into our core values, and checking in on ourselves, is a great start to build short term and long term resilience!


Link here to her website where you can purchase her book direct!


1:17 What are the core values in the business, that we’re going to stick to no matter                      what?


1:40: When push comes to shove at the end of the day, there are decisions that we look back on and think, was I was true to who I am or I did I go against my core values


2:39 Self awareness and core values are two of the most pressing topics that any industry needs to be talking about


3:09 Leave your personal ideas at the door and put on your armor, no way!


4:55 My history of being a recovering alcoholic, and this is something that I never brought into the workplace until a few years ago


6:49 I think that’s the heart of self-awareness and core values really lies is in our ability to be honest with ourselves


7:43 We are struggling with external pressure and our internal ways of coping with it and our ability to be honest with ourselves


9:27 There are things that we can do in the short term to relieve the pressures we’re feeling


10:35 Might be starting to feel untenable with our employees or even desire to want to be a part of that company


11:05 Look at the person in the mirror and just be have an honest chat to say all right, gloves off, and be honest with yourself


12:45 What does okay look like to you? Why are we tempted to use this bland word, ok, when we know that having a strong emotional vocabulary is one of the keys to emotional self


19:21 If people start seeing the results of your behaviors, then that is either going drive you deeper into that behavior or it’s going to be a wake-up call for you


27:18 Can you help me understand the impact I have had on you and how we can move forward and assist each other to be more present?