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Oct 20, 2021

Debbie Muno of Genos International brings her 25 years of assessment experience and shares her tips to retain team members, making average uncomfortable! 1:17 What can we do about the staff we have today? How do we engage them more?


2:26 The last couple of years have really been a steak in the ground to make life changing decisions.


2:53 What is important in their lives? and how the world of work fits into what is important in their lives.


3:01 Friends that are energized and engaged, has to do with their work and has to do with how they are treated in the workplace.


3:36 Those who do not feel connected are making changes.


3:47 The world of work will never be the same.


5:08 People want to be valued and appreciated and empowered to get their work done.


6:31 It is all about how connected I feel, do I feel appreciated? do I feel valued? and am I engaged in my organization?


8:38 People feel empowered by being able to make choices.


9:19 75% of people leave their job because of their boss.


10:20 We never forget how people make us feel.


12:36 We don’t realize the tiny incremental shifts can create massive outcomes.


16:23 If I was totally present in a conversation what difference would it make?


18:16 Putting your phones down as soon as you get into conversation.


20:42 Top performers do their job and carry the weight of low performers and they don’t get the acknowledgment.


24:54 Organizations are realizing programs are needed to help enhance well-being and enhance people’s ability to become more mindful.


27:09 It is critical to be present and mindful

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