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Nov 3, 2021

With guest Jim Ray!  Mindfulness Manufacturing is grateful Jim got us up and running as a professional podcast production, he saved days of frustration and time.  Check out more on how Jim can support here He is also a great small business consultant so why not have a conversation with him direct, email Jim to set up a time,  

1:33 - When you look at the economy you have inflation rising, issues with supply chain, it will take a long time to work its way out.


1:51 – People are getting a little nervous, I think that it is at the business level but also at the household level and you can bring it into the office.


3:19 – One of the things that is going to enable any business to succeed is their ability to communicate effectively, it will always come down to that.


3:40 – True leader need to be super cognizant even more than you have been. About what you say and what you hear, because there is going to be a lot of questions and people are nervous.


5:06 – It’s ok to raise your hand and say I don’t have all the answers right now, but the authenticity, honesty, and integrity that you back it up with will carry the day and help sooth people’s nerves.


5:33 - Leaders need to be cognizant to allow people to voice their concerns.


6:07 – The one thing that is going to enable a company regardless of the balance sheet, or the economy is the people. The people in the business are what will make it win or lose.


12:54- What worked in the past I don’t believe will work in the next 12 months.


14:28 – Allow people to arrive to the answer and they will have a stake in it.


17:12 - It’s ok to be nervous and scared about things, it’s ok to have those feeling it’s what you do with those feeling that will determine your success or failure.


17:53 – Cultivating advisers outside your normal channels will make all the difference, especially when things get more difficult.


22:22- Making sure your team is diverse is a strength, and the smart companies are the ones that are cognizant of that and are working towards those goals.