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Nov 17, 2021

In manufacturing we get to work on capital budgets for the next assembly line.  In this episode we have a much more interesting conversation with Vivian Blade as she explains what is social capital, and why you should care!  With a background in Lean Six Sigma, she just released her third book Influence in Talent Development, and we are excited to have her on the show as a sought-after leadership expert and thought leader, enjoy!  Check out below the show notes to see how to connect with Vivian and learn more! 1:48 - In the news, is all about the great resignation and trying to do the great reset so we can retain those employees.   2:14 - People are searching for organizations that align with their values, lifestyles and making the move.


3:53 - Old way of thinking with command and control, do as I say.


4:29 – People want to be more involved in their workplace, making decisions and contributing in valuable ways.


4:59 - Leading with influence and engaging people, rather than leading by dictating and telling people what to do.


7:56 – Giving people leeway and coaching them through.


9:59 – Leading as a coach and guide at a level of influence.


12:39 – Think about how you can selflessly add value to others.


16:06 – How are people being measured and are your measuring outcomes as a team or individuals.


18:29 – What are you measuring, are you measuring individual goals or the collective effort.


23:10 – Take the temperature of your culture, be honest with yourself, reflect and see what impact it is truly having on your organization, and the health and well-being of your people.


24:59- How do we turn this ship around from a people standpoint, which is your most important asset.


26:52 – What people want today is the authenticity from leaders.


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