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Dec 15, 2021

Like myself, Joel Davis grew up on a farm.  Starting out as a project at the age of 17, growing into an impactful family business in South Carolina.  Coming up on 25 years, with 3 divisions now and over 100 employees, this is NOT your typical construction company!  A privilege to share this conversation and learn from Joel, on why his people and the community, are not only the foundation of his company, but also the results!   Contact info and links coming soon, at the bottom of the show notes.  

2:05 – spending more time with your people than you do your family, and when you look forward to helping your people personally and professionally, it no longer feels like a job


4:30 – sometimes things evolve on their own, neighbour to neighbour


5:10 – changed 10 years ago our mission, from providing quality construction service, to wanting to have a positive influence, insight from John Maxwell – 15 invaluable laws of growth


6:10 – challenges turn into growth opportunities, with turnover less than 5% extremely low for the industry, care for the employees!  Not the highest paid, but fair, honest, and enjoyable to be around


8:30 – life is too short to put on a show, what transparency looks like in an owner


10:30 – start the morning with a devotional, keep the big thing the big thing


11:00 – Values, respect, innovation, safety, and ethics RISE


11:50 – Hard to find employees like ours – ask Chick-fil-A – Stopped focusing on the resume and skills, and now hire people that want to be part of a team and the right culture fit


14:35 – Referrals from employees still number one, and encourage team members to share and use social media


16:15 – When you are engaged you can grow – Challenge is not getting the business, getting more great people- watch the video focused on their employees the video is real


18:05 – Whole lot easier to be yourself, what is the impact you are having on other people.  To break down the walls, you must be open yourself


19:10 – have a positive impact on as many people as we can


19:30 – can deal with mistakes, not a lack of integrity


21:01 - on-boarding new employees is like your relationship with your wife, create opportunities for fellowship and personal interactions to build relationships


22:30 – Community dedication started from the Bible, keeps the mindset of doing for others


24:46 – What do you want your tombstone to say between the dates?  What do you want to be remembered by? 

Joel's website


Watch the great video on Joel's culture!