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Dec 29, 2021

Not all family businesses successfully transition from one generation to the next, so what is the difference maker?  Troy Corrigan joins us discussing how he and his brother Shawn had to make personal adjustments to find success through the team, and why being tied to something bigger than your own independent business is key!   1:45 – IEC, Independent Electrical Contractors Association, you need to step up and support


3:20 – the foundation of Corrigan Electric and how it all started, from college to the 4-year apprenticeship program, and decided to get involved in IEC leadership


6:25 – electricians are hands on, and young people can come out debt free, and make great money.  Need for the industry is here to stay, look at electric vehicles


9:20 – need to be creative to keep employees


11:25 – cannot throw money to keep people, it is about the personalities, where do you want to be regarding culture


13:02 – they must know you care, by asking questions and being involved with them, open door process and be part of the team.  What can we do to help?


14:35 – remind us of what we were taught, recognize when someone needs support, and what action may come out of that conversation.  What’s going on?  Bottled up or blow up.


17:00 – we are all working on how we show up, we are all human.  Not just for me, it is for my team that I need to work on myself, learning skills in Leading with Emotional Intelligence


19:02 – conversations create a different experience and that creates culture


19:30 – love the discussions with staff, you always learn something about the person


20:02 – getting aligned with brother and partner Shawn, game changer


21:15 – we must be able to take the feedback from each other, having conversations to call each other out, better result for the team be the role model


21:35 – Trevor personal example of still missing signs, and the power of having someone to call you out


23:45 - gotta invest and take the time and you will have the outcome, and act on what you are learning or being reminded of.  Helped me learn and listen.  You probably don’t think you need it.


25:15 – stay in the zone, practice what you preach, and realize we all make mistakes

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