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Jun 1, 2022

A great working relationship can last a lifetime! Just ask my father Ziggy Blondeel and Ronny Ledoux, the guests of this week’s podcast. Ronny has been an employee with Ziggy’s nursery business for over 40 years, and the two of them came onto the podcast to share the lessons they’ve learned together about handling conflict, building respect, and creating long-lasting connections.

2:30 – What can leaders do to retain their employees for a long time?

3:25 – Respect plays a big role in building strong relationships

4:30 – In times of disagreement, look for common ground

8:40 – It’s important to think about long-term resolutions when settling disagreements

10:50 – Leaders can learn more about their employees by doing the work – to find out the problem, you have to be on the job

13:45 – There are ways to express emotions and handle conflict without losing your temper or tearing other people down

15:54 – Learn the difference between disagreement and disrespect

17:50 – Don’t be afraid to take time to pause when needed to handle a conflict

22:23 – Take care of your people and you’ll build productive, respectful relationships