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Jun 15, 2022

Welcome to part two of my podcast with my father Ziggy Blondeel and his long-term team member Ronny Ledoux, who are sharing the stories and secrets they’ve learned over the many years they’ve worked together at Ziggy’s business, Blondeel Nursery. In this continuation of their conversation, Ronny and Ziggy talk more about they’ve built and maintained a successful connection, plus share how leaders across all industries can use trust and respect to create positive, productive workplaces where employees want to do their best possible work. 2:05 – When an issue arises, approach it with calmness

3:14 – Think about the whole team when making big decisions

3:42 – When your treat your employees with trust and respect, they will treat you in the same way

6:22 – Leaders can create workplace environments where employees want to do their best possible work

8:00 – When a leader sets a positive example, it rubs off on everyone

10:17 – You get what you give

13:05 – How you make people feel has an impact on how they show up and engage

19:20 – When hiring a new employee, you can usually tell right away if they’ll be a good fit or not

20:44 – Make your best attempts to get along with other people, especially your team members