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Jun 29, 2022

At Empowered Electric in Kanas City, Missouri, it’s all about people! That’s why I was so excited to welcome Empowered Electric CEO Josh Levin onto the podcast to talk about all the unique and amazing ways he puts his people over profit. In this high-energy conversation, Josh talks about how leaders in the construction industry and beyond can practice accountability, harness their passion, and focus on their organization’s culture to create an environment that encourages their team to show up.

0:37 – In some organizations, people are treated like batteries, which can be easily used and quickly replaced

2:04 – How can we shift our mindsets to focus on people over profit?

2:40 – If your team members don’t feel valued, they aren’t going to show up and do their best work

4:30 – Your employees, their needs, and their lives outside of work should matter to you as a leader

5:37 – Regular, thoughtful employee evaluations are a great way to show effort and retain employees

6:46 – Being the leader doesn’t mean you have to be the voice or face of the entire organization

9:17 – Even if your business has a great brand, you can’t thrive unless you have good culture

13:26 – Accountability and honest dialogue are an important part of building trust and relationships

14:45 – To improve, study the behavior of successful people—and pay attention to the behavior of non-successful people, too

20:18 – Remember that employees may have motives for showing up beyond simply loving your company, like needing to support their families

22:48 – As a leader, keep your “passion tank” filled

26:00 – Invest in your employees, especially those who are willing to put in the work

25:55 – “There’s never a traffic jam on the extra mile.”

28:10 – Someone’s past doesn’t have to dictate their future

Connect with Josh Levin:

To learn more about Empowered Electric, visit their website.