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Jul 27, 2022

Stuff, things, literally, simply . . . how often do you use these words when communicating with your team? “Naughty words” like these might be popping up in your speaking more often than you think, as I quickly learned during this week’s podcast with Patricia Fripp! As an executive speech coach, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, and the first female president of the National Speakers Association, Patricia knows all the secrets for how manufacturing leaders can improve their speaking skills and find the magic words for inspiring action, creating well-crafted communications, and showcasing the best possible version of themselves and their organization.

0:45 – The best manufacturing leaders are the ones with the best communication

5:45 - “7% is what you say, 30% is how you say it, and 55% is how you look” – is there any truth to this?

8:00 - If your words are well crafted and well-delivered, you can change your organization

8:11 – In a busy industry like manufacturing, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of words in our everyday lives

8:22 – When there’s a miscommunication, leaders might assume the other person just didn’t understand, but it’s often an issue with words and phrasing

8:36 – “Stuff” is a rubbish word

9:00 – By being specific with your word choices, you inspire confidence and build credibility

10:00 – “If it weren’t a thing, what would it be?” Use specific words to replace unclear words like stuff or things

10:30 – Specific communication is especially important when you’re speaking to someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language

11:57 – If it’s not fruit, it’s not a bunch! Use numbers and specifics instead

13:16 – When possible, use shorter sentences to communicate and keep your communications to one idea per sentence

13:40 – Speak with the aim of being remembered and repeated

14:20 – By taking a pause, you give yourself a chance to breathe and allow the other person time to process

15:11 – “Literally” and “simply” are also naughty words!

18:48 – To improve your communications, record yourself and listen to the words you frequently use

21:00 – Depending on their background and culture, people may express themselves differently

22:00 - To inspire commitment and quality, ask them if their work would be good enough to sell to their own mother

23:00 – Ask as an advocate for your audience

24:52 – Every leader needs to show the person they are beyond their position

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