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Sep 21, 2022

As manufacturing becomes more reliant on machines, automation, and other emerging forms of technology, human leadership is more important than ever. To learn more about the best practices for leadership in a technology-driven world, I brought in “tech humanist” and technology expert Kate O’Neil. As the founder and CEO of KO Insights, Kate helps organizations create meaningful strategies for balancing human experiences and the tech-driven future. In this podcast, she shares some of her favorite tips for how manufacturing leaders can find the brightest possible futures for themselves and their organizations.

1:30 – How can we reclaim our agency?

2:53 – When a lot of manufacturing is being done by machines, it’s critical to find a balance between automation and human decision making

3:56 – As we use more and more technology and automation in the manufacturing sphere, human roles actually become more important than ever, especially when it comes to creating safe and effective procedures

7:19 – When using data, consider the humans on the other side

12:50 – Leaders need to determine the processes and nuances behind data, and this often means asking questions instead of just relying on hard data

16:30 “Machines are what we encode of ourselves”

17:50 – What does it mean to lead in a technology-driven world?

21:00 – Leaders and their organizations need to be careful about how they use public trust and responsibility with data and data gathering

23:00 – Due to issues like climate change, supply chain shortages, and labor issues, leaders are in a tougher position than ever, especially when it comes to decision-making

25:00 – Are you aligned with history in the way you want to be?

27:00 – Your actions today are tomorrow’s history

29:00 – Social media is important for manufacturing leaders, but be wary of false information

32:00 – When used correctly and responsibility, technology is a powerful tool for manufacturing leaders

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