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Nov 2, 2022

There’s a lot manufacturing leaders can learn from sharks—just ask Kenneth “Shark” Kinney! Shark is a speaker, marketing strategist, and podcast host who helps leaders use curiosity and fearless to improve their brands and drive real change, all by incorporating insights he’s learned for his passion for sharks and shark diving. In this episode, Shark talks about how manufacturing leaders can expand their brand, connect with their community, and grow their social media toolkit . . . and of course, I couldn’t resist asking him to talk a bit more about his unique shark diving hobby, too!

1:00 – We can use our personal brands to make real change

3:12 – Manufacturing leadership is a lot like diving with sharks—you need curiosity, bravery, respect, and boundaries. Be fearless and dive deeper!

4:40 – Your leadership image goes far beyond the four walls of your manufacturing plant

6:00 – When telling your brand’s story, be clear, concise, and always remember who your real audience is. Focus on community, not just the company

8:45 – Show the humans behind your brand and organization, not just “stock imagery”

11:00 – When it comes to matters like supporting a charity, think about the true identity behind your brand and think about what will engage your team and community

15:00 – Your employees are going to talk on social media, so why not work to make sure they always have something positive to say about your leadership and organization?

18:00 – LinkedIn is a powerful tool for building your brand and finding your community—one great tip for building your brand is to engage with other people’s post on LinkedIn

24:00 – When someone in your organization does a great job, don’t shy away from praising them on social media like LinkedIn

26:00 – If your employees are active on social media or talking about your organization online, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as long as you make sure they have positive things to say by treating your team well

28:00 – Social media is a great tool for showing your most authentic self

33:30 – You have to play an active role in your organization’s community, or else you’ll miss out on many opportunities for branding and engagement

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