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Nov 16, 2022

“I want to take a vacation, but I’m worried about falling behind at work.” Have you ever heard a team member express this sentiment, or even thought about it yourself? Fear of falling behind is the number one reason why employee hesitate to take time-off . . . and this mindset is leading to retention problems, unhappy employees, and even the dreaded phenomenon of “quiet quitting.” In today’s episode, speaker and author Joe Mull joins us to talk more about the causes of quiet quitting and other dilemmas facing modern manufacturing leaders, plus delves deeper into how leaders practice skills like boundary-setting and storytelling to make their organization into a place where people love to work.

2:00 – There is a massive recalibration going on right now about how work fits into our lives, which is something that started even before the pandemic

3:45 – The modern employee is firm about their boundaries and what they want from a workplace

5:20 – The number one reason why people don’t take a needed vacation is fear of falling behind at work – how can we combat this?

6:00 – It’s on the organization and leadership to set boundaries that will help others take time off to relax and recharge. They need to implement policies that honor time-off and their team’s concerns about falling behind if they take a vacation

10:00 – As a leader, sometimes you have to learn to operate without the team members you need, so they can set boundaries and take time off

13:50 – People aren’t “quiet quitting.” They’re just updating to a job that better fits their needs and boundaries.

15:30 – What are some of the reasons for a decrease in the labor force, especially in industries like manufacturing?

18:43 – In today’s labor market, employees aren’t going to settle for less or put up with a job where they’re treated unfairly or not given time off

22:00 – Sometimes, employees quit but “forget to leave” and just go through the motions without much effort or passion – these are the quiet quitters

26:00 – Leaders can embrace storytelling to show their employees how they’re doing valuable work every day – show how your organization’s everyday work changes real lives

28:30 – With supply chain shortages and other issues, we need to sustain ourselves and the people who work for us

29:48 – Commitment is the key!

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