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Dec 28, 2022

“Put on your own mask before assisting others.” You’ve likely heard this phrase while listening to the safety instructions before a flight, but did you know it also applies to leadership in the manufacturing industry? In this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing, I’m joined by Dean Heffta, a speaker and trainer with Clarus Results. With years of experience helping organizations overcome communication challenges and improve their impact, Dean has many stories about how leaders can analyze and improve their own behavior to overcome common communication issues on the manufacturing floor.

1:45 – “I know what I said, but I don’t know what you heard.” How do we overcome miscommunications on the manufacturing floor?

1:52 – As a leader, your role is to be aware, set expectations, and create a workplace environment that facilitates understanding

3:20 – Overcoming miscommunications begins with “healthy” leadership

6:45 – As a leader, put yourself not in a position of authority, but more of a position to facilitate. Taking less of a “boss” role and more of a collaborative role can lead to finding new solutions and creating a stronger workplace dynamic.

8:00 – Don’t assume you know what others are thinking or what they need!

9:15 – The people who get promoted into leadership roles are often hard workers who are very driven and can’t get the best results . . . but is this the mindset they need to be a great leader or manager?

12:00 – When miscommunications occur, it can often be attributed to “distress.” When people are under stress, they are more likely to make mistakes or be less engaged, which can lead to miscommunications.

14:00 – Different personalities are speaking different languages. If you’re not in tune with how another person communicates or “behavior signals,” it can also contribute to communications breakdowns.

17:05 – To start with fixing communication issues in your workplace, start with becoming more aware of your own behavior. Learn your own behavioral style, think about the everyday language you use, and work to become more energized and present as a leader

18:40 – “Put on your own mask before helping others.” You’ve probably heard this on planes during safety instructions, but it also applies to leadership and fixing your own behavior before you turn to helping others

21:45- It’s only natural to want to avoid stress or do things you find rewarding. But to improve your leadership behavior, be intentional and seek out ways to learn

22:30 – Because we are storytellers, we have a tendency to make up stories about people and their behavior.

23:00 – One way to increase your awareness is to write down how much time you spent with certain people, then use it to analyze who you should be talking to more to improve behavior and overcome your own communications barriers

26:00 – When avoid miscommunications, it all comes down to mindset

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