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Jan 11, 2023

Showing appreciation is a great way to connect with your team! But if you’re a leader in a busy organization, it can be difficult to find the time and discipline to show appreciation for your team. Or you might struggle to find the best ways to show appreciation, or even worry that you’re not doing enough. If this is you, don’t miss this episode on appreciation with guest Lisa Johnson. Lisa is a global human resources professional and the founder and owner of HR Know-How LLC, where she helps organizations bring consistency and humanity to their daily HR interactions. She is also the author of the upcoming Solutions for the Well-Intention Leader, which will release later this year. She offers her tips on how leaders can improve their ability to offer appropriate, genuine appreciation, plus shares some ways leaders can weave appreciation into their everyday interactions.

1:13 – The strongest managers and leaders have a consistent practice for showing appreciation

1:40 – Showing consistent appreciation has many benefits, including increased morale and employees who are willing to go the extra mile

4:10 – While general positive feedback is often well-received, it is even better to offer specific positive feedback to individual employees

7:00 – Appreciation shouldn’t be scheduled! Rather, you should weave it into your day-to-day interactions

8:15 – How you manage and organize you appreciation depends on your leadership style. One tip is to leave voice notes for yourself in your phone, so you can go back later and remember exactly what you wanted to say to your team member

11:58 – Giving appreciation can mean the difference between an average employee and an inspired employee who comes in feeling excited to work and ready to give it their all

14:37 – As a leader, you need to practice discipline to figure out the best feedback and appreciation practices

18:39 – Documentation matters. If you observe someone’s good behavior but later forget to say something, it won’t make a difference.

20:30 – Good appreciation practices can trickle-up to positively impact your whole organization

23:23 – Is there such a thing as too much appreciation?

24:00 – When showing appreciation, don’t forget to be transparent and specific

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