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Jul 12, 2023

On the manufacturing floor, you might not see rabbits being pulled out of hats or people being miraculously levitated, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t everyday chances to create magical moments. To find out how leaders can create moments of magic, surprise, and delight on the manufacturing floor, I knew I had to go to the expert: Jon Petz, an entrepreneur, speaker, bestselling author, and magician! In this episode, he shares why workplaces need more everyday magic, plus shares insights on how leaders can use intentionality, creativity, and mindfulness to turn simple, everyday moments into important connections.

3:11 – In the workplace, magic is all about creating moments that make your team feel valued, support, and like they’re part of something special

4:24 – To create magic, be intentional, lean into organic moments, and create moments of surprise

5:15 – Don’t overlook the simple moments

6:31 – Magical moments play a big role in improving productivity and efficiency

10:58 – Purpose drives passion and helps your team find ways to truly engage instead of just getting up in their role

12:39 – You can’t always plan for moments of magic, but you can think about what your team needs to feel empowered and supported

15:05 – Deeper conversations drive results and solutions

16:06 – Take a genuine care in your team member’s outside of their role in your organization

17:17 – Jon’s book recommendation – Work Plus Love by Marcus Buckingham

18:01 – Take steps to truly appreciate and recognize your team

20:45 – You also need to pay attention to other’s mindsets and see what they need to feel valued or encouraged

21:36 – With title comes authority, but title does not always come with leadership

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