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Sep 6, 2023

“What else can I do to help?” For Susan Baier, the founder and president of Audience Audit, this question changed the trajectory of her career when she received generous assistance as a recent college graduate. She now gives back through her work with Audience Audit, where she helps businesses grow their ROI through transformational thought leadership reputations and stronger marketing. In this episode, Susan joins me to share her story and insights about how leadership can shift their mindset and find ways to be “relentlessly helpful” in their organizations and lives.

2:08 – To be relentlessly helpful, ask other what else you can do to help them and think about what you can do to help the others around you or in your organization

3:44 – Shift your mindset to think about the ways you can have an impact on others

3:54 – We all know things that someone else doesn’t know

8:15 – The people with the greatest experiences and the most unique perspectives are often not sharing their information

8:40 – Being generous reaps huge rewards and builds goodwill

10:37 – Being relentlessly helpful can also be a way to break out of your own routine and make yourself feel better about your own role

12:36 – Some days may have more opportunities to be helpful than others, but there are always small gestures you can make or questions you can ask to support others

14:34 – Both overconfidence and a lack of confidence can impact the ability to be relentlessly helpful

14:54 – Organizations, not just individuals, can embrace a culture of relentless helpfulness

18:39 – Learning on the job is a critical component of advancement

19:45 – To understand what is helpful for others, you need to listen and communicate

20:33 – As you shift your mindset, you’ll grow your listening skills and find more way to be helpful

22:18 – We often dismiss our own knowledge and forget to think about how our knowledge can be important to someone else, even in a small way

23:34 – Just being open and available for conversation can help others

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