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May 20, 2020

Keep your stick on the ice, even during these times!  Join us for some great discussion around with Vancouver Canucks Captain Bo Horvat.   Great insights on how Bo goes from a player to a captain, what that takes from a mindfulness perspective, and much more!

  1. 2:10 Being out of the game.  Bo shares his thoughts on getting the team back in the mode once they return to the ice.  Getting back to the team aspect again and in the same mindset, everyone is on the same page.  Team bonding.
  2. 4:40 Promoted within the same group.  Trevor asks how did you find going from player to the captain?  Bo explains he had tremendous support from the players, the coaching staff and the city.  Leading by example, it was challenging but if you have the right guys around you it makes all the difference.
  3. 6:50 Positivity.  Bo talks about the importance of being positive and displaying that to the players, win or loss.  He thinks it is so important to be this way even when you have bad days.  It comes natural to him and if someone is down then it can disperse amongst the group and that doesn’t make anyone better.
  4. 9:04 It’s good to get away from it.  Although I love the game, it’s good for me to get away from it.  I like to decompress and think about other things and coming home to my wife and dog.  I don’t like to sit in my hotel when on the road, I like to see the cities we are in, get out and do things.
  5. 11:54 The white noise. Bo talks about how he handles the media and passionate fans.  Blocking out the white noise as his coach would call it and focus on the guys and listening to the coaching staff really helps with this.
  6. 13:20 The advantage of a small community.  Bo talks about how the whole town of Rodney is like one big family and how that community has always supported him and his hockey career.  This speaks to how I grew up and where I am today has to do with the community.
  7. 15:29 Grateful to wear the C.  Bo talks about how happy he is to play for a Canadian team and how his dream of being drafted and playing in the NHL came true.  Can’t really think of anything he would change, very happy with where he is and his past.
  8. 17:00 Get to be yourself.  Bo talks about living who he is and being himself.  This is something he works hard at staying true to himself and not allowing his head get too big or take for granted where he is and how he got here.  It’s a great career but not a long one so I make the most of it and am grateful for what I have.
  9. 17:42 Role Model who’s yours?  Bo talks about his parents and how they did everything to get him where he is today.  I wouldn’t be where I am if it was not for them.  Bo talks about surrounding himself with the right people is so important and how his wife is his rock and is so great for me to come home and talk to, it keeps me sane.
  10. 20:20 What was the first concert you went to?  Nickelback, my parents took me to it, I was 15 and I loved it.
  11. 20:50 If you were stuck somewhere, who is the one artist you would take with you?  That’s a tough question, I like country music, I really like Eric Church.  Bo talks about his diverse interest in music, lots of depth in Eric Church, great choice.