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Aug 14, 2020

We are excited to introduce our listeners to our first international guest zooming in from Ireland the great Deiric McCann!  As head of International Development for Genos International about-genos-international-europe, he is an expert in the space of emotional intelligence and charisma and dives in, on how this can impact the bottom line of your company!  

  1. 1:05 IOM.The Institute of Organizational Mindfulness.  Trevor talks about this institute and the benefits of the IOM.  Join the effort by signing up for their free community membership program.  By joining you'll get access to exclusive member content, webinars, news, and more!
  2. 1:55 Mindfulness Manufacturing introduces Deiric McCann.
  3. 4:00 Challenges.Deiric explains the challenge of the name “Emotional Intelligence’ his own and others struggles with this title. He never had a really good definition of Emotional Intelligence that inspired people or turned them on.   He and his colleagues came up with a definition that made sense to them and others.
  4. 9:25 Charisma.  Trevor asks the question can you be charismatic and not be emotionally intelligent?  Deiric discusses his findings writing his book and the challenge of finding a definition for charisma and what Leadership Charisma means.
  5. 15:26 People, people, people.  Trevor talks about technology and people.  Deiric shares his insights and experiences with technology and people and how it has always been people, people, people. Sharing how technology has been introduced into organizations and how people can worry about this and the role emotional intelligence plays in all of this. 
  6. 22:25 Advice. Mike asks, what advice would you give to someone who is interested in Leadership?Deiric states, to focus on developing the ability to work more effectively with people.   Two ways to develop emotional intelligence read a lot of books and start to pay attention to the way you show up, develop a mindfulness practice.  Develop a self-awareness to tune into yourself and others.   Start working on your emotional intelligence.
  7. 27:27 One thing to leave the listeners.Deiric talks openly about the pandemic and how this snuck up on all of us and how big of threat it was and is.  He talks about building up the resiliency with the people he works with to handle these challenging times.  What we are seeing is an epidemic of stress in people over this.  People are just not talking about it.  He openly talks about it being normal to be stressed, it’s a normal natural reaction on how do we deal with this adversity.  The moment you say this is normal this is natural you take a lot of pressure off of yourself.   
  8. 32:03 What was the first concert you ever attended?An Irish group called Aslan. Deiric explains his memories of this and other musical bands.
  9. 33:10 Stranded on an island what band or artist do you bring with you?James Taylor.