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Apr 23, 2020

What a great connection with Former NFL Pro Bowler Eric Wood. An amazing conversation about leadership, impacting others and of course, a couple football stories. A privilege to have such a great leader and person share his insights on mindfulness!

  1. 1:20 Eric Wood introduction and background. Listen as Eric talks about his NFL career and when his world was rocked and how God had different plans for him and his family.
  2. 3:18 Looked like one of the everyday members in the gym.  Eric talks about humility and how he played a game where he got to throw a ball around for a living.  Not taking himself too seriously and not holding himself in too high of a regard and staying grounded.
  3. 6:03 Servant Leadership.  Eric talks about what he wants to see in a leader. Getting better or getting worse there is no grey area.  Eric talks about taking time and getting to know his teammates and making friends and following a servant leader.
  4. 8:22 Trust.  Mike discusses trust and how that impacts teams and relationships.  Podcast 0, Eric’s introductory podcast speaks from a place of authenticity and sincerity.  Eric talks about how he got into his podcast “What’s next with Eric Wood”.
  5. 11:11 Receiving the news on your career coming to an end.  Eric talks about his career ended and how he felt at that time.  He took the approach of motivating himself and realizing he is starting in an industry he was not familiar with.  Eric talks about doing a lot of inner work to be better and help to get through tough times.
  6. 14:08 Others oriented.  As soon as it’s about you, you are going to struggle in your life.  Eric talks about helping others through community and church and controlling your mental being and being there for other people.
  7. 15:19 Walter Payton award.  Eric talks about the Walter Payton award and what that means to him and the sport.  How you treat people is completely within our control.  Eric talks about how good it feels that his peers voted him in for the Walter Payton award.
  8. 19:00 Mindfulness.  Eric talks about where he sees mindfulness going.  More and more studies show how visualization and mindfulness play such an important part in our lives.
  9. 20:54 Float around on auto pilot.  To be living based on routines we all have, meditation allows us to stop and look at doing things differently.  Be intentional, do things that benefit you. Enjoy the moment and enjoy where you are in life.
  10.  23:15 Serving others.  Eric discusses the way we share, and others share with all of us.  Having a daily gratitude practice will fill you with peace and help uplift others around you.
  11. 24:56 Make an impact at home first.  Eric talks about a life coach he has worked with in the past and the question of “are you making an impact at home first”?  So much more value in taking the opportunity to make the impact in your own home.  Just be home with family.
  12. 27:00 Trevor asks a few quick questions.
  13. 29:08 The ways to follow Eric Wood.