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Jul 29, 2020

Mindfulness Manufacturing is pleased to have Terry Iverson as a guest on our podcast today. Terry is a 3rd generation President and CEO of a family built CNC distribution business. He is also the founder of an Organization called “Champion Now and its sole purpose is to change people’s perception of manufacturing for the better. Listen as Terry shares his passion and years of experience on Mindfulness Manufacturing.

  1. 2:56 The human interface. Terry discusses the human element and how this has always been a constant.  The human interface in buying and selling components is still consistent today, 40 years later since Terry has started.
  2. 5:40 Automation and computerization. Terry talks about where he sees Manufacturing going and how manufacturing companies were not very good at marketing their companies, good at marketing their products not their companies.  They have not marketed the jobs or careers within their company very well.
  3. 8:05 Everything starts with integrity. Terry talks about never deciding based on a financial gain or loss it has always been on integrity and honesty and running a company on these virtues.  What has happened over the years there has not been as strong of a mentoring program for the younger people.
  4. 10:20 look for somebody who is a good person. Terry talks about looking for people who are good to the core and want a relationship.  People want a job but they truly want to have a relationship at their work.  There is way too much jumping around.  Terry discusses Manufacturing day and the importance of promoting this to show videos and films and invite people into the facilities.  This helps to show what todays manufacturing offers.
  5. 13:25 Show up early, stay late and tell the truth. Terry talks about the 3 things that he promotes and finds important to help the younger people in a career.  The importance of taking the time to live by these helps create a career rather than a job.  Terry talks about how he has lived these 3 virtues within his own business.
  6. 17:31 Champion now. Terry talks about Champion now, ‘Change How American Manufacturing’s Perceived In Our Nation”. In 2012 founded he founded the organization with the sole purpose of changing perceptions of manufacturing for the better.  Helping the younger generation understand the great careers offered in manufacturing today.
  7. 22:23 There’s an opportunity. Terry talks about woman in manufacturing and how we need to be advocates of this.  He talks about being fortunate of meeting and working with woman in manufacturing even within his own business.  Being more aware and being more open to this can make the difference.
  8. 25:56 Relationships make the world go around. Terry talks about the importance of relationships and the role this plays in manufacturing and within his own business.
  9. 27:20 First concert. Terry’s first concert, Bad Company.  And if stuck on an island one artist to take with you?  Dan Fogelberg would be my choice.  Copy and paste the link to access information on Terry’s book.  You can follow and reach Terry at the following social media platforms Twitter feeds




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