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Sep 9, 2020

Connor Swenson is on a mission to help businesses rethink the definition of productivity to create happier and healthier organizations.  Drawing on 7 years of experience at Google, where he taught internal programs on productivity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, he now shares that knowledge with businesses and entrepreneurs around the world, and now with the Mindfulness Manufacturing community!  

2:40 – Multi-tasking – technology has a huge role to play in what we can do, however combining two cognitive tasks – switch tasking is different and actually slows you down, it can take you 23 minutes to get back on track according to studies by Gloria Mark.  Office workers checking phones every 5 minutes, open our phones 50 to 80 times a day.

5:30 – How to get things done with an open door policy?  Productivity is very personal, Connor explains how Google managed and best practices.  Blocking time in your day and making clear expectations.  How that creates greater productivity through entire day, less meetings!

11:48 – The Make Time program, defaults are all around us.  Recognize and adjust – Larry Page felt that every person at the meeting over the total of 7, diminished the effectiveness of the meeting.  They are not for status updates.  Explains Asynchronous communication.

14:20 – If an agenda is not set out 24 hours ahead of time you don’t need to go – (I Love that!). Great advice on how to be more productive!

17:50 – Search Inside Yourself – the case for skeptics of mindfulness in the workplace – connecting to the broader scope of emotional intelligence.  Training yourself in self-awareness by practicing mindfulness.  Based on the foundation of Daniel Goldman and his book Emotional Intelligence and neuroscience.   Your software can change your hardware.  (Connor goes deep here check it out if you are a skeptic like I was!)

26:30 – Willpower – the dangerous idea, is it as real or as important as we think?  Research is leading to the environment structure being more important.

31:15 – The Infinity Pool – these apps are just never ending, like ESPN where they are designed to make it easy to consume more and more great content.  Technology is not evil, however they are designed to make it fun and keep you engaged.  Try deleting the app??

36:28 – Space to pause – the STOP method, Stop, Take a Breath, Observe how you feel and proceed.  ##Control your response



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