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Sep 23, 2020

Michelle Maldonado - Join us today, as we unpack Unconscious Bias, and this ties into the challenges of hiring and attracting the right staff.  This special guest makes uncomfortable conversations comfortable!  Welcome Michelle Maldonado! She is the Founder of Lucenscia (pronounced loo-SENSE-see-ah), a firm dedicated to human flourishing and mindful business transformation. She is a former attorney turned business leader and an internationally certified mindfulness and emotional intelligence teacher and practitioner. Michelle’s work focuses on leadership development at the pivotal intersection of mindfulness, unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, authenticity, and compassion, nestled on a foundation of neuroscience and research. She serves as faculty for 1440 Multiversity's Leadership Center, Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification program and Bill George's True North Leadership program. She has been recognized as one of the “12 Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement,” “Woman of The Year,” and a “Top Corporate Leader,” with her work featured in the Mindful Leader, the DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum, Mindful Magazine and Thrive Global. Michelle is a graduate of Barnard College and The George Washington University School of Law.

2:30 – Unconscious bias – we all have it!  Beliefs that we have about a person or group or conditions that we are not even aware of.  Great examples and explanation, self awareness development.

7:45 – We each are either racist or anti-racist.  And, here’s why: silence and inaction can equate to enabling, and this depends on your comfort level to speak up.  Hiring for diversity, and on boarding for assimilation does not help.  Be curious and engaging in conversation.  Bias sneaks in when we scan for threat, we are hard wired that way.  In groups vs. out groups.  Stretch yourself to also be in the company of people who think differently and have different experiences.

12:30 – To make a difference, depends on your comfort level to speak up.  One of the original meanings of the work competition come from the Latin word  Competere.  The original meaning was everyone striving together towards a common objective, and over the centuries, we have twisted this to in order for me to win, you have to lose.  There is room for everyone at the table.

14:40 – make an edit

16:00 – Any meaningful societal change in history did not happen at the top, it came from the people.  We can all take a step – do one thing - or make a commitment to change one percent of whatever you are doing. It does take all of us, collectively to generate change.  At some point we need the CEO or leader at the top to be modelling and be all in.   In supportive, not judgemental ways.  Consistent modelling.

20:00 – Context is crucial, each person has to evaluate how they can contribute and what are they comfortable with.

21:45 – You can be a good person and still hold bias, Michelle explains micro-aggressions and how they work.  The offence is measured at the ear of the listener, and not at the mouth of the speaker.  Intention does not always match impact.

25:00 – What to do when you become self-aware that you have said the wrong things.  You need to be in conversations.

27:40 – The difference between mindfulness and meditation – they are different, but related.  The purpose of being mindful meditation or practicing it, is to help our selves be grounded, focused, clear, and aware as well as to be compassionate, properly self-managed and high performing, filling up the well.  Mindfulness is to be present with what ever is happening with yourself, others and your environment.  If you are not aware of yourself, the level of awareness of others is probably low.  Mediation is another way of saying a focused attention practice.

36:00 – Michelle explains the Institute for Organizational Mindfulness where she serves on the board, and where we serve as the ambassadors for Manufacturing!  It is all about how we bring mindfulness to the workplace, built by people who have come from business.  IOM provides resources and courses to cultivate that skill set within yourself.  Join the effort by signing up for free here  and be part of the community membership program getting access to exclusive member content, webinars, news, and more.


How to contact Michelle or learn more about her work: the information about what it means and how it works.