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Oct 7, 2020

Have some fun and listen in as Mindfulness Manufacturing introduces Dave Baker.  After spending more than 20 years in HR working in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and wood products industries, he knows what truly drives organizational culture, workforce engagement, and employee retention.  Listen in as Dave discusses the quality of leadership at all levels and how they connect, communicate, and support their team members in getting results! :05 – Introduction

:40 – Listener feedback: Kim reminded us that just being aware that sometimes we're very hard on ourselves and that it's okay, to not get everything done, nor show up as that person that's always doing the right thing, because that's how we learn. Our journey is more like the golf game, just trying to hit the green more often

02:16 – Introducing new co-host and guest for today Dave Baker

04:07 – The practicality of why Mindfulness in manufacturing matters

06:00 – Mindful contrasts of being masked and not masked

08:31 – Presentation to a CEO making no eye contact and the resulting impact

12:00 – Mindfulness of the blue-collar worker ‘pulling handles’ at 3:00 a.m.

17:36 – That ‘silly certificate’

18:57 - The money left on the table in the absence of discretionary effort

20:29 – A funeral and a tie. Underestimating the impact you have on people. That estimation that you have on others is what’s called mindfulness.

22:45 – Work the shutdown? Nope, and here’s why

23:48 - The one thing: pay attention to what you say how & how you say it

25:49 – What would be done all over again? Stepping forward to make mindful changes to facilitate positive employee relations to get better results

29:32 – Summary

30:05 -  Closure