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May 4, 2022

As a manufacturing leader, you’ve probably had emotional times where you’ve felt “stretched” like a rubber band. In this podcast, corporate energy expert Kathy Parry joins me to talk about why the stretch doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Using her background in both business and wellness, Kathy shares her favorite tips for how leaders and their team members can handle conflict, improve their communications, and learn when to take a step back instead of blowing up or burning out. She also shares more about how times of tension can encourage leaders to embrace their own resilience. 1:20 – Resilience is how we bounce back and grow 1:29 – We need that “stretch” in our lives to keep us moving forward 2:03 – Everyone has different reactions and it’s important to honor that

2:32 – Knowing how people are going to react in different situations can make for great team building

3:04 – Differences in reactions can be handled through honest and efficient communications

6:32 – If emotions are trivialized or not respected, it can lead to retention and motivation issues

7:16 – Lack of emotional support in the workplace often leads to mental health issues or problems outside of work

11:02 – To create productive conversations, you may have to reframe things

12:47 – When needed, it’s okay to take a step back. Pauses have power!

13:07 – If there’s an issue, taken time to process and reframe instead of steamrolling ahead

17:17 – When people are overly emotional or don’t take a pause, it leads to low productivity and safety issues

19:46 – In times of “stretch” and challenges, there are opportunities for growth and energy

23:10 – Sometimes, tension can create energy

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