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May 7, 2020


  1. 2:55 I’ve never spent so much time at home.  Trevor discusses the challenges of changing habits and the time we all have right now and how that creates space.  With space you have a chance to get to know the inner self more, understanding self-awareness.
  2. 5:27 Why are you going so fast?  Trevor talks about the feedback given by Mike as to why Trevor was driving so fast.  There is no reason to rush or speed.  You can take that and apply it to your own life.  What have you felt during these times and will it change to help you make a difference?  Out of tough times comes good things and choices.
  3. 7:58 What do you see in yourself?  Are you going fast?  Have you asked for feedback from others to be better?  Feedback should come from a point of caring and being genuine.
  4. 10:00 Time available, what do you do to get better?  What fits for you to make your state of wellbeing, be the best for you?  It’s important to find your outlet and what really works to keep you stable.  Once you find it, practice and be disciplined to do so.
  5. 12:15 The “What If’s” Falling into the trap of the what ifs and what if this or that happens and the negative effects the what ifs can have on all of us.  Take time to ask yourself if the what ifs are real and if they are then do something with it, if they are not then let them go.
  6. 15:03 Committed to have a better self.  What can we take away during these times to be better?  What's the good stuff you take with you when everything starts to move again?  We all have negative thoughts especially during these times and that’s okay.
  7. 17:10 I can spend some time to myself and that’s okay.  Learning things through these times that help us. Making use of technology and connecting worldwide with friends and family and what works for you to feel better.
  8. 19:04 The intent.  Our intent always is, looking to provide questions and discussions that make people think and how it can help make you be better.  When we talk about mindfulness how do you personally find your stability.  How do you work to be better and minimize the chaos?  One person can make a difference.
  9. 21:25 Can you just let it happen?  We see something good coming out of this.  What’s worked for you, it’s in you to develop yourself and help others. Thanks to all the front-line workers, very appreciative and thanks so much for listening.