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May 19, 2021

:40 - Sara Blakely - greatest lesson in life is working in Sales when she spoke to Simon Sinek 3:30 - We did not call it emotional intelligence, Jeff Summers shares his experience of buying a Cutlass Supreme in 1983 - Authenticity

7:35 - Vulnerability, being humble when you need to get a weld fixed and spend the time before building a relationship

8:10 - Difference between the good ol boys club and a real relationship - transparency

9:50 - The superstar in sales they did not want to benchmark - Jeff explains the internal damage

12:25 - Have the ability to reflect - the infinite game

14:00 - Short term results do not build a legacy

15:00 - Always be closing?  

17:00 - Lacking the ability to empower others, you do not need to do it all on your own, authenticity realizing you can get more done through others

19:16 - Showing up as your real self - Jeff's bloody nose and how being open drew a connection and success in speaking

24:30 - take the mask off

25:30 - Jeff uses a story that includes the Minnesota Vikings, and story with the Purple People Eaters is a good one - how to relate in sales

28:38 - It is not what you know about features and benefits, it is what you can get to know about that person and where they are coming from.