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Aug 26, 2020

What kind of leader does it take to a team member, owner and president of three manufacturing companies?  Today Jesika Young of Cimtech (named Top 10 Precision Manufacturer of 2020) shares her tips on how to get a seat at the table, the three C’s to building the right culture and more.  Have a listen and see why she has been named among the “most influential woman in manufacturing 2020” by Influential Women in Manufacturing.  Oh, did we also mention she is the first female president of the Metro Manufacturing Alliance?  Have a listen, and see what kind of mindfulness goes on to achieve this level of success!  

2:25 – What Jesika does different – put the team first, and all things will fall into place.  ‘No one person is above the team’ Bo Schembechler

4:07 – Jesika’s background – how this made her what she is today

6:25 – The three C’s to a team culture, being collaborative, communication, and consistently – they key to their growth

8:30 – 2M to 20M in annual revenue manufacturing plants, are forecasted to be the growth space for woman to have ownership in manufacturing.  If that number grows by 2.5% per year, one third of manufacturing could be owned by women by 2030.  (From article published by Frances Brunelle)

9:53 – Jesika’s biggest struggle – getting a seat at the table, still a struggle today!  Always being one to raise her hand, working hard has earned her a presidents role at the Metro Manufacturing Alliance, a group for manufactures by manufactures.

13:08 – Advice for other’s – nothing is not earned, woman still need to perform.  Things need to change and evolve – example is the flex time – involved the team and there was a great morale and productivity boost.  Not the whistle blowing break time, think outside of the box!

17:00 – You are with your team more than your family, enough trouble outside the four walls so work together – Rank everyone on Safety, Quality and being a good team member.  Being accountable, dependable, innovative and showing initiative.

19:00 – Performance evaluations come with personal incentive plans

21:05 – A fourth C could be Celebration!  Recap on the success and build on it.

26:00— Managing the ego, make yourself aware of your strengths, and consistently stay in my lane.  Built a team with the strengths that I do not have.

28:42 – Sit down, absorb what you got, and think and act with intention to better yourself.


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