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Apr 6, 2022

Sometimes, a chance meeting leads to great conversations! After having a random breakfast with W. Kevin Ward of WKW Consulting Services, I knew I had to have him on the podcast to talk about how he helps others seek wisdom and reach their greatest potential. In this episode, he shares his steps for getting off “autopilot” and intentionally seeking wisdom. He also talks about why leaders should have a vision and core values, and how manufacturing industry leaders can improve results and morale by strengthening and communicating their vision and goals. 2:07 – To seek wisdom, start off by disconnecting from the noise in life and taking time to observe 2:24 – By simply paying attention, you can stumble into wisdom

2:40 – Growing wise is the attention process

4:35 – We all tend to operate on “autopilot”

6:36 – Any role where you’re teaching and influencing others is a leadership role

10:09 – It’s all about finding a healthy level for yourself and taking intentional steps to manage yourself

10:49 – A big part of being a leader is leading by example

11:55 – The biggest challenge of being a leader can be listening to your own lessons and applying them

13:22 – If something goes wrong with your team, the first step is looking at yourself

16:00 – One big reason people feel like they’re on autopilot is that they haven’t given good consideration to their own vision

17:50 – Your vision should be a driving force in your life

18:39 – Once you find your vision, communicate it and surround yourself with people with a similar vision

19:34 – If it’s something you can do yourself, it’s not a vision!

20:04 – What’s the difference between a vision and a goal?

20:53 – The pursuit of vision is rarely a straight line

24:56 – If you express your vision well, others will want to be involved

27:28 – A core value is something that you cannot be talked out of

27:56 – There’s a need for more love and care in high-stress industries like manufacturing

29:03 – The beauty of wisdom is that when you see it, you gain many other things as a result

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