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May 1, 2024

In 2009, total engine loss forced US Airways Flight 1549 to make an emergency crash landing in New York City’s Hudson River—and thanks to the quick actions of the pilot, flight crew, and passengers, all 155 people on board made it safely off the plane. Now known as “the miracle on the Hudson,” this harrowing incident offers up important lessons on staying calm under pressure, coping with traumatic challenges, and making every moment count.

To learn more, let’s hear from a Flight 1549 survivor! Dave Sanderson is a nationally recognized leadership speaker and bestselling author, who draws from his inspirational story of survival to encourage others to do the right thing and find healthy ways to cope with their own struggles and adversity. In this episode of Mindfulness Manufacturing, Dave shares his own Miracle on the Hudson story, and offers powerful insights he learned from being the last passenger off Flight 1549!

2:18 – Dave shares his Flight 1549 story

8:11 – In times of conflict, whether it’s a plane crash or issue on the manufacturing floor, calmness and confidence play key roles

9:05 – To get through challenging situations, you need to manage your own mindset

10:05 – You don’t need to know everything to handle a crisis, but you have to be able to lead yourself first

11:09 – Every moment in your life happens for a reason

13:38 – How to react to and cope with a challenging situation depends on the meaning you attach to it

14:22 – By reframing the meaning you attach to a situation, you can find healthy and productive ways to react and grow

15:33 – Everyone assigns different meanings to different challenges, so it’s important to approach others with curiosity instead of judgement

17:56 – To truly understand others, you need be curious and have authentic interactions

21:52 – To feel included in an organization’s mission, people need and want certainty, variety, connection, significance, growth, and the ability to contribute  

24:48 – As a leader, it’s up to you to find creative solutions and create opportunity from challenges

28:57 – If you get casual, it can lead to safety issues, accidents, and other serious problems for your organization

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