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Mar 8, 2023

Do you want to improve accountability and encourage autonomy in your organization? It all starts with asking the right questions! In this episode, I'm joined by guest Jeff Nally, the president of Nally Group Inc. and a coach and speaker who uses neuroscience-based solutions to help leaders improve their workplace interactions. He shares the questions leaders should ask to foster accountability and autonomy in their organizations, plus offers some great stories of his own to highlight the importance of mission, vision, storytelling, and more!

1:52 - Many leaders think that their team members simply want to be told what to do

2:12 - The #1 thing teams want from their leaders is a clear picture of the mission and vision

2:33 - When people know the "end game," they are more likely to follow instructions, be more autonomous, and find more success

3:25 - Leaders need to communicate their mission and goals to their team

3:39 - Leaders also need to be great storytellers

4:00 - If you don't believe in your mission and vision, your team won't either

7:06 - To really show off your mission and vision, weave it into your everyday behavior and actions

7:16 - As a leader, you can help your team by asking the right questions

8:10: Ask simple question like "are you finished with this task? How close to completion are you? What do you need to get it done?" to hold your team accountable 

11:00 - Don't be afraid to ask "feelings" questions

11:52 - Support questions, like "what can I do to help you meet your goal?" are also very important for growing and encouraging your team

13:28 - If you hold your team accountable, you know they'll get the job done without you having to stay constantly involved

16:29 - You can also ask about concerns and apprehensions

19:58 - When a team is autonomous, it doesn't mean their leader has abandoned them

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