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May 17, 2023

If the front isn’t connected to the caboose, a train won’t stay on the rails for very long! The same idea applies to manufacturing: if top-level leadership isn’t connected to the shop floor, there’s bound to be miscommunications, productivity breakdowns, and more. What can leaders do to keep the leadership locomotive running smoothly? Find out in this episode with Jason A. Hunt. With a background in both education and manufacturing, Jason is full of great stories about why connection plays a critical role in problem-solving. He also shares his tips on how leaders can use skills like delegation to help their teams solve problems and develop their critical thinking.

3:17 – When you’re a leader, it’s all too easy to set out to solve one problem, then get distracted by another problem and forget to solve the first issue

4:53 – Many leaders believe they have to have the answer to every problem, and feel like always having the answers is part of their job or what makes them important as a leader

5:58 – By always solving problems, leaders may actually be taking away valuable opportunities for their team members to learn, grow, and develop their own problem-solving skills

7:33 – Delegating can mean the difference between losing three minutes or losing three hours

9:36 – When you ask people to solve their own problems, they may pushback or be upset at first, but it’s a valuable opportunity for them to learn how to think critically and come up with their own solutions

15:12 – Leadership is about far more than your title, your knowledge, and your ability to manage others

16:08 – If the front of a train is moving ahead without connecting with the other boxcars, it’s not going to get to its destination

18:15 – Instead of solely focusing on KPIs or getting your products out the door, think about what you can do to connect with your team and really develop your relationships

21:29 Turn This Ship Around by L. David Marquet is a good resource for leaders

23:23 – To build better connections, shift your mindset and spend more time thinking about how you can build relationships with others

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