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Aug 9, 2023

What do manufacturing leaders have in common with performers? More than you think! In this episode, I’m joined by Michael Port, a bestselling author, former professional actor, and the founder of Heroic Public Speaking. Drawing from his experience as an actor and speaker, he joins me in this episode to talk about how leaders can improve their performance skills to heighten their impact, grow their role in their organization, and find the most effective ways to inform, persuade, and motivate their teams.

3:30 – Putting on a performance doesn’t necessarily mean showcasing a fake version of yourself, and performances can still be intentional and mindful

5:02: To change what other people do, consider what you make them think and how you make them feel

5:30 – You need to earn the privilege of influencing how others think

8:11 – To be a person who others want to help, you need to create value for them

10:48 – Success is not just about numbers and goalposts, but about growing every single member of your team

12:05 – To build a long-term, sustainable organization, it always comes back to being intentional and thinking about how your team feels and how you make them feel through your leadership and behavior

15:28 – As a leader or manager, you need to be careful and deliberate about what you say on a everyday basis, and think about how others might interpret your words

17:14 – Before starting a conversation, especially in a time of conflict, think about how the other person might react to your words, and what you can say to start an engaging dialogue without them feeling attacked or defensive

18:40 – To increase productivity and create a healthier workplace culture, you need to make your team feel like they’re in a safe environment

21:11 – You want to present you team with something that can get excited about, and show them something of value they’ll get out of it

22:41 – Along with showing your team members what they’ll get from your initiative, you also have to highlight the consequences of not doing it

23:59 – Most people don’t really hear you until you’re sick of saying the point you want me to hear

25:21 – To be a person who others want to help, you have to show others you can both make and fulfil commitments

29:55 – If you always shut down other’s ideas, they will eventually learn to stop coming to you

30:27 – To have productive conversations, you need to keep them moving

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